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Avocado Chocolate Dessert

April 29, 2017 Leave a comment

ingredients: 125g avocado, 100g banana, 30g protein powder (ESN Designer Whey Double Chocolate, optional), 5g cocoa, 10g honey

– blend all ingredients together until smooth
– enjoy! πŸ˜€

You might need more cocoa/honey if you don’t add protein powder.

Bulgur Salad

May 22, 2015 Leave a comment

Ingredients for 4 servings: 250g bulgur, 500ml of water, 3 tomatoes, 2 bell peppers, 1/2 cucumber, 2-3 green onions, 1 glove of garlic, 2-3 tbsp tomato puree, 1 tbsp sunflower oil, parsley and salt

Instructions: Cook the bulgur according to the package directions. Cut vegetables in small cubes. Add tomato puree, garlic and salt to the cooked bulgur. Mix it all together in a bowl. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

Chocolate Cravings?!

March 1, 2015 Leave a comment

Bread with Chocolate Cream and Banana Bread with Chocolate Cream and Banana Ingredients: 1 tbsp. milk, 3g baking cocoa, 100g low fat cream cheese (e. g. Exquisa Fitline 0,2% fat), artificial sweetener (or honey), wholemeal rye bread, banana Instructions: Mix milk with baking cocoa, add curd cheese and sweetener. Spread on the bread and cut banana in slices.

Chocolate Cream with Curd Cheese
Chocolate Cream with Curd Cheese
Ingredients: 1 tbsp. milk, 3g baking cocoa, 100g low fat cream cheese (e. g. Exquisa Fitline 0,2% fat), 125g low fat curd cheese, artificial sweetener (or honey) Instructions: Just the same as in the recipe above. Add curf cheese in the end. Might need some more sweetener since the curd cheese is kinda sour.

Batch Cooking

February 1, 2015 Leave a comment

Batch CookingMeals from left to right: Chili Γ  la Katty, Carrot Potato Bean Soup, Vegetable Chicken Soup Batch Cooking

Kohlrabi Fries

January 4, 2015 Leave a comment

I made kohlrabi fries using a Tefal ActiFry.
Oops, I totally forgot to mention who gave me this idea.. credits go to my brothers fiancΓ©e. πŸ˜‰

Kohlrabi Fries Kohlrabi Fries

Good Morning!

December 25, 2014 Leave a comment


I’m starting the day after Christmas with a healthy breakfast. πŸ™‚ I’m having 300g lowfat plain yogurt with 30g basic muesli and a Pink Lady – my all-time favourite apple. There’s a special ingredient added to the yogurt – Monin sugar free caramel syrup. Yum! πŸ˜€ Oh and a Latte Macchiato can’t be missing for breakfast.


August 2, 2014 2 comments

I started running in March and could barely run for a minute without breathing really hard. I had a training schedule which helped me to slowly increase the running parts and decrease the walking parts. The goal of it was to run 30 minutes straight without taking a walking break. Really? 30 minutes of running? It did not seem doable for me at the time.
Well, I am proud to say that I did it! πŸ˜€ Two days ago I managed to run 5 km in 36 minutes and 39 seconds without taking a walking break. And it was so much fun that I did it again yesterday and already beat my time with 35 minutes and 28 seconds. πŸ˜‰
And I’m already looking for my 2nd pair of running shoes. I want the Brooks Glycerin 12, but I can’t decide which colour.. ^^

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