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Blutspende – die #Letzte

August 15, 2016 Leave a comment

Ich war soeben beim DRK und wollte Blut spenden. Der Fragebogen wurde überarbeitet und die folgende Frage war mir nicht ganz einleuchtend, also beantwortete ich sie zunächst nicht und fragte den Arzt was es damit auf sich hat.

“Hatten Sie in den letzten 4 Monaten Sexualverkehr
• mit einer neuen Partnerin / einem neuen Partner?”

Es ist grundsätzlich eine gute Sache, dass die Blutspende sicherer gemacht werden soll. Aber mir erschließt sich der Sinn hinter dieser Frage nicht. Es wird nicht mal danach unterschieden, ob geschützter oder ungeschützter Sexualverkehr stattfand. Man wird für 4 Monate zurückgestellt, wenn man diese Frage ehrlich mit “Ja” beantwortet.

Was ist wenn ich mit meinem neuen Partner erst nach 6 Monaten ungeschützten Verkehr hätte? Dann ist er kein neuer Partner mehr und ich würde diese Frage mit “Nein” beantworten. Wo ist also der Sinn dabei?

Und wenns dann doch nicht klappt und man wieder jemand Neues kennenlernt. Muss ich mich jetzt zwischen Blutspenden und (geschütztem!!!) Verkehr entscheiden?

Mal davon abgesehen, dass Paare, die schon viele Jahre zusammen sind genau so infiziert sein können, wenn ein Partner plötzlich fremdgeht. Diese Frage fehlt noch im Fragebogen!

Liebes DRK, so verliert man Spender, die in Ihrer Freizeit etwas Gutes tun wollen.

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Friendship is just a word to some

August 10, 2016 Leave a comment

You’re never ever wrong, no you’re never wrong, never
No, you’re never ever wrong, no you’re never wrong, never wrong

You’re never ever wrong, always something more to say
Never wrong, well, you never mind, let me fight
You’re never wrong, if there’s something more to say
You’re never wrong, it’ s going to end this time
You’re never wrong, if you can never be contained
You’re never wrong, well, you never mind, let me fight
You’re never wrong, don’t even bother to explain
You’re never wrong, you’ll never win this time

Feel the anger coming, feel my patience running
Well, it’s plain to see that you have lost your damn mind

How could you let it end up this way
Is there really nothing more you can say?
I’m not taking another fucking dose of your denial today
I’m not willing to deal with someone
Who insists that they can never be wrong
So just keep on talking to the wall because I’m walking away

You’re never ever wrong and you never will believe
That you were wrong, you’re just never mind, let me fight
You’re never wrong, were you really that deceived?
The illusion is to end this time
Well, you were wrong, I know it’s difficult to see
That you were wrong, in your little mind every time
Yeah, you were wrong and now you’d better believe
That it is coming to an end this time

If you shut your mouth, then we just might make it
You wanna fight me, be careful what you’re wishing for
So say it again, push it again
There is no coming back this time

Shut your mouth, ’cause I just can’t take it
I’m ready to fight, is it all that you were hoping for?
Don’t say it again, do it again
There’ll be no coming back this time

Lyrics by Disturbed

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August 1, 2016 Leave a comment
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My First Tattoo

May 8, 2015 3 comments

Two days ago I finally got my first tattoo. 😀 I was so excited and nervous at the same time, because I had no clue how much it would hurt, if I get dizzy or how long it would actually take. I totally hit the jackpot with my tattoo artist, Luis Rocha from the tattoo studio Viala in Darmstadt/Germany. Shortly after he started on my tattoo I was already calming down.

The beginning..


Then it was time for a break.. at that point it already looked awesome. I could not wait to see it finished!


The finished masterpiece! 😀


It was not as painful as I was worried it would be but I would lie if I said it did not hurt at all. After the break when the colours were added it did hurt a bit, but I just concentrated on the music and got through. 😉

The whole atmosphere in the tattoo studio is very friendly so I could actually enjoy this experience. It will definitely not be my last tattoo. 😀

Thanks so much to the whole Viala Team! 🙂

Käsespätzle & Sachertorte

April 6, 2015 Leave a comment

I’m on a short visit in Munich with my mum enjoying some good food and the show “Red Bull Flying Bach”. 😉

Beardyman is fucking awesome

December 8, 2014 Leave a comment

Beardyman was playing @Central Station in Darmstadt last night. The show was supposed to begin at 9 PM and he was pretty much on time. He played for about 1 hour 20 minutes when he shortly left the stage. He then came back for another 20 minutes and I loved every second of it! After the show I bought his CD, he signed it and I could take some photos with him. Perfect night out! 😀

System of a Down \m/

November 30, 2014 Leave a comment

I have been to four concerts this year – KoЯn, Justin Timberlake, Pharell Williams and Lady Gaga. I love concerts, the atmosphere is awesome! I’m super happy about seeing System of a Down live in concert next year! 😀 And I’m sure there will be more concerts to see.^^


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