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Low-fat Homemade “Teewurst”

October 31, 2014 1 comment

Original Teewurst / tea sausage spread contains about 30-40% fat which is too much to be part of my balanced diet (ausgewogene Ernährung) since I became a Weight Watcher. Here’s a low-fat version which does not taste exactly the same but is also delicious.
Teewurst / Tea Sausage Spreadingredients: 100g roasted chicken breast, 100g “Lachsschinken” – rolled, smoked, and cured loin of pork, 70g low-fat cream cheese, a green onion, salt and paprika (spice)

Nutrition facts for 100g calories fat carbs protein
Teewurst / tea sausage spread 407 kcal 39g 0g 13g
Low-fat Homemade Teewurst 111 kcal 3,3g 1,7g 18,6g

Desigual London Medium Estambul Handbag

October 19, 2014 Leave a comment

For my 31st birthday I received a gift coupon for any Desigual store in Germany – best present I could get at the time. 😉 I knew already what I wanted to use it for. A new handbag called London Medium Estambul which I’ve been checking out on the Desigual website every other day. You could also check on the website if it was available in any store, which it wasn’t at the time. Little did I know that it would take a lot of travelling to actually find it. First I checked an outlet near Soltau when I was there for two days in the theme park called Heidepark Soltau. Of course they did not have it. Next stop was Köln/Cologne when I went there for the Lady Gaga concert last week, there are two Desigual stores. Guess what? Right, they didn’t have it either. So this week my mom (who was here to visit) and I went to a shopping mall outside Frankfurt and I finally found it! It was on sale for 48,30€ instead of 69€ like on the website. So I could finally use my birthday present to get this awesome Desigual handbag. Thanks again to everyone contributing to it.^^

Desigual Medium London Estambul FrontDesigual Medium London Estambul Back

PS: The pillow in the background is not dirty, it’s just “The Walking Dead” sheets. 😉

How time flies!

October 18, 2014 2 comments

Two and a half months without a single post. I apologize to everyone who’s been checking my blog lately without finding anything new! I’m still running, losing weight, cooking, shopping for new clothes – to sum it up – I’m living my life! 🙂

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