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I’ve been so lazy..

October 30, 2013 Leave a comment

I’ve been thinking about if I should write this or not. Because once on the blog I can’t take it back anymore (actually I could but people could have read it already^^). So many people write about losing and gaining weight, working out etc.. and it seems to help them keep going to talk about it in public. So here’s my turn..

My name is Katty and I am a Weight Watcher. 😉

I started the program on May 14 2013 when my employer offered a Weight Watchers @work course. I admit that I had doubts, because co-workers would see me there. What would they think about me? Would they talk bad about me? Etc… But when it’s already obvious that I’m overweight why should I be ashamed of joining a Weight Watchers course which might help me in achieving my goals? So I signed up for it and started counting points. I won’t go into detail about how WW works, because that information is available all over the internet. 😉

I won’t go so far yet to post my weight in public, because it’s nothing I’m proud of. But I decided to write this post to tell you that WW actually works. And the best part is that it does not feel like a diet. I am not starving, I can still enjoy pizza, kebab, ice cream, crisps etc. Of course not all of that in one day! But the point is, that it is a dietary change which is not that hard to do. If I can do it, you can aswell!

With the Weight Watchers program I have lost 19,9kg (43,9 lbs) to date and I am still going strong. 🙂

Here’s my dinner from tonight, which is why I actually opened the blog when I suddenly started writing about WW.^^

Left: Raspberry yogurt made of plain lowfat yogurt and frozen raspberries. Right: Vegetable soup made of broth, carrots, cauliflower, green beans and some pasta.

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